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Sketch 1

About myself

My name is Silvestre Galicia and I am a third year student at Cal State San Marcos. The work that I’ll be displaying is based on what I love to do or showing images that give negative/positive message to the viewers. My passion is being a car enthusiast and taking pictures of modified cars. The goal that I have right now is to graduate from college and then start working in the entertainment field or being a music artist. I enrolled for the course AMD 317 because I wanted to develop a higher skill with the work that I am already doing for my passion. What I also hope to accomplish in this class is to be more organized with my work and publicize the images that I take.

This is Tanya, a classmate from AMD 317. She has some experience in photography and wants to learn more on how the use cameras. Tanya loves to draw and the some of the work that I’ve seen is amazing. She likes the movie “Joker” and thinks that the actor did a very good job in fulling his role for the movie. I hope to work with her more and the rest of my classmates to learn more about them.

Sketch 2

The image above is a sketch I did that represents who I am and what I like to do. Majority of what this sketch shows is music. Music has a huge impact in my life. I love to listen music every single day or sometimes compose music of my own. Where ever I am, I’ll always be listening to music. The panda in the middle shows my love for pandas and I specifically added the panda with a video game control because I sometimes play my PS4 or Nintendo Switch. The “GT-R” logo represents the dream car that I hope to have one day. I also added some skull mask and made my whole sketch look like a halloween theme. This was purposeful because I like the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Lastly, the name “SLYG” is my nickname that I was given when I played football in high school.

Sketch 3

This is my friend Peyton. I’ve known him since middle school and we also went to the same school up till this day. We both have several things in common and support each other throughout school. Peyton and I are always busy and we try to make time to hang out to check up on how we are doing. He currently works at Legoland as a lead from one of the restaurants in the parl. I used to work with until I decided to try something different. This picture was taken when we both decided to go on a photo shoot for our cars. I told him about my project and was willing to help me out.

The image above is my mother. She currently works at a hotel in San Marcos, but wants to look for another job soon. My mother has shifted to other jobs several times and usually complains about the job. What keeps her motivated to go to work is because of her children. She is always worried about me and my sister to have food on the table. I kindly asked my mom for a picture on her day off. She was insisting at first until I told her its for a school assignment. I used the lighting from my living to make her stand out.

The image above is my hard working father. Looking at this picture makes me sad in some ways. Talking about my dad is the most difficult thing to do because I have a lot of memories with him than any other person. My dad has been working in construction and landscaping for the past 25 years. He’s always had two jobs from leaving at 6 a.m. to work and arriving home until 8 p.m.. My father taught me a lot about being hard working from a young age. I would start working with him when I was in third grade at his second job. Once I was 16 years old I began working in construction with him. I realized a lot of things that would sometimes make me cry when I worked with him. My dad has done this for 25 years and he never complains about the job. I remember when I complained on my first day in construction because it was very intense and hot. I never like letting my parents down, especially my dad. He has to most high expectations for me and my sister. I hope that one day I’ll be able to support them.

This is my friend Fernanda. She is also one of my closest friends that I have. We met back in high school and its sometimes hard to believe that we became friends because we hardly talked in class. The reason why we are friends is mainly because of another girl named Julissa. They are both close friends and Julissa was the one that presented me to her. Fernanda and I became closer after something happened to my friend Julissa. Since it’s been hard on us this year, we always keep each other in contact to make sure we are doing alright. This picture was taken at Palomar mountain. She is very shy when people ask to take pictures of her, so I asked to hold the snowman next to her to feel more comfortable.

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